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June 09, 2022 Tips

Travel Tips for Yuma

Travel Tips for Yuma

Are you planning a trip to Yuma and hunting for some travel trips? Well, firstly, welcome to Yuma's Sunny and Warm Weather! According to Guinness World Records, did you know that Yuma is the Sunniest Place on Earth, which even locals and visitors from the region may not know? 

Our exquisite Howard Johnson, located at the big curve of Yuma, is an exotic mirage due to the plentiful sunshine and incredible warmth you will enjoy at Yuma's attractions and businesses.

Yuma is noted for its diverse culture and tradition, dating back millennia. With innovative perspectives on Mexican food and a dynamic community of artists, what's becoming recognized as a regional center for the arts, bright, new flavors, colors, and voices are springing up across town. 

Keep a check on the Temperature.

Yuma has a population of almost 100,000 for the majority of the year. The population nearly doubles in the winter as sun-seeking snowbirds flock to Yuma to enjoy our sunny and warm weather. During the winter, temperatures hover around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while summer temperatures average approximately 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Some days in the summer might reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit!

Figure out Transportation 

Yuma is easily accessible from anywhere in the southwest region. Interstate 8 runs east and west, while U.S. Highway 95 connects north to Interstate 10 and south to the Mexican border, bringing many Yuma visitors by vehicle.

Yuma International Airport is now open to residents and visitors. American Airlines has many connecting flights daily. Taxis, rental automobiles, intercity buses, and Amtrak passenger rail services are available. Parking is free except at Yuma International Airport, which costs $2 per hour. Traffic is usually what most people from other areas consider light!

Time Zone

It is an hour earlier on the other side of the Colorado River during the winter. California is in the Pacific time zone, but Arizona observes Mountain Standard Time throughout the year. Los Algodones, a nearby Mexican town, is likewise on Pacific Time, which is vital to remember before crossing the border. To avoid any confusion, Mountain Standard Time is observed in San Luis Rio, Colorado (the city of San Luis on the Mexican side of the border).

How to Pack 

Remember to bring your shades! Also, please bring a water bottle and drink plenty of water because it is the driest and least humid city in the United States. Longstanding inhabitants will wear wool jackets and scarves on cold days, whereas snowbirds will wear largely shorts and tank tops. You can set your thermostat where you want it to be - layering is always a good idea, with less clothing throughout the day and a jacket or coverup for early morning or nighttime. Long-time residents still wear long sleeves and slacks in the summer to protect themselves from the sun's rays. In hot weather, protect your skin and cover your head to avoid overexposure to the sun.

Things to do in Yuma

The Peanut Patch 

The Peanut Patch is a family-run business run by Arizona natives. The Peanut Patch is a store that sells everything peanut, including their well-known peanut brittle. You can also make your peanut butter from scratch. They also give a tour and lecture about Yuma's peanut heritage and Yuma's agricultural past. It's a great pit stop for some tasty goodies!

Date Farm Tour  

There are various date farms in Yuma, but Martha's Gardens Medjool Date Farm is the most well-known. Two things make Martha's Gardens famous: their delectable date shake and their farm tour. The farm has approximately 8000 palm trees spread over 100 acres. The term is a fun way to learn about the process of growing and harvesting dates firsthand. From November through March, farm excursions are offered twice a day, Monday through Saturday.

Float The Colorado River 

Yuma is home to the Colorado and Gila Rivers' confluence. You can rent a tube and float the river from east to west from here. There are two types of floats available at Yuma River Tubing.


Fishing is available at West Wetland Park, a stocked pond just minutes from Yuma. It is a fantastic site with several covered areas if you have someone in your family who enjoys fishing. Bring a picnic lunch and relax in the park for the day.

Figure out your stay

You need not be concerned about your accommodation or relaxation when driving to Yuma. At Howard Johnson, we've thought about everything you'll need for a fantastic holiday. So the only thing you can do at Yuma is relaxed and rest.

Get your weekend getaway planned with Howard Johnson now that you've heard about so many exciting and thrilling things to do in Yuma. Make a reservation and enjoy a trip filled with adventure, excitement, and relaxation!

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